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This isn’t one of those crazy detoxes where you eat nothing but kale and purple carrots until bomb-diggity-booty-bookyou pass out in the middle of singing happy birthday to Doug from accounting. Nope, this is a real cleanse for real people who have a million things to do in a day.

This detox is one where you do as much as your busy lifestyle allows and try to adopt some of these suggestions as daily practices that will improve the quality of your health.

Benefits of a Detox

The benefits of a detox are legion; you’ll have more energy and you’ll rid the body of toxins which will boost your immune system and give your skin a healthy glow.

You’ll feel better too and your hair will be healthier and your breath fresher as your digestion improves. You’ll sleep better and wake feeling refreshed.

Just one thing a day

There’s no pressure to do all of the suggestions for each day, just do what you can, when you can. Be sure to do at least one thing on the list every day, but try to fit in as many as your busy schedule allows. If you have to pick one, go for the meditation or Matcha Zen Tea.


One of the biggest take-aways should be mindfulness. When you sit down to every meal… ok, wait. So perhaps I should go back further; you need to sit down for at least one meal a day. Be mindful of how you feel, eat slowly and enjoy every bite.

Pay attention to the way your body feels before, during and after you start this cleanse so you can gauge what works for you and what doesn’t. Aim to make just one thing on this list of daily suggestions a habit that you take with you into the summer.

You’re Friggin Awesome

This free 5-day cleanse isn’t about berating yourself for all the things you did wrong, it’s for celebrating the ones you get right. Focus on the things you do get accomplished from the list, on the things that you love about your health and body and on all things being healthy enables you to do.

Pass it Forward

Give the gift of good health to someone else this week too. Make a smoothie for your kids, bring a healthy lunch for a work colleague or convince a friend to go for a walk, give the gift of Matcha Zen Tea or share this guide with someone you love. Creating a culture of health and activity will help you to stick to a healthy lifestyle.

Download the FREE five day Detox here.


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