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Meet Nissan’s New Electric Camper Van

The van-life revival of camper vans has seen an increase in the number of road tripping holiday makers the world over. This revival has had a setback with the rising price of fuel. Now Nissan has released its first-ever electric camper van in Spain that promises to put those road trips back on the calendar.

Nissan Camper

Based on Nissan’s e-NV200 delivery vehicle, the e-NV200 camper can be custom-ordered from any Nissan dealer in Spain. It’s 40 kWh battery delivers only 124 miles of range but is perfect for trips around the Spanish countryside and Europe.

Nissan Camper 2

The larger e-NV300 model features pop-up roof for added space. The van also has a kitchen replete with stove, sink and fridge, gas and water. A removable table attaches to the kitchen block and a rear bench that can be repositioned as well as swivel front seats.

With VW’s I.D Buzz electric camper van hitting the streets in 2022, so this may be Nissan’s attempt to get a foot in the door. Can I have a hell yeah for carbon-free road tripping?




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