Moose Sex Corridor helps Preserve Endangered Populations

Pic by Brandon Farris

Happy Canada Day! To celebrate we bring you a happy story of moose love made possible by a concerned citizen

These days, in many parts of Canada, there are far fewer moose aboot the house. Loss of habitat is threatening some populations. That’s why former ambassador to the US, Derek Burney has donated 316 hectares of land along the Nova Scotia/New Brunswick border as a moose tunnel of love. This strip of land will provide an area where endangered moose populations can mix, mingle and, well, you get the idea…

“I’m not an expert on moose sex or moose anything, but I think the understanding is that if they can preserve the corridor with things like this … then I think there’s a good chance the Nova Scotia population will be replenished,” said Burney.

The tunnel of love will give the 1,000 moose on the Nova Scotian side access to the 29,000-strong New Brunswick herd.

Well done Derek Burney, moose wingman extraordinaire.




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