Planning a Cross-Country Trip in 2022? How to Navigate COVID Travel

Travel is back baby and we are all for it! While international travel is still very hit and miss depending on where you want to go, avid explorers can take solace knowing that flights between the United States and Europe will be resuming as soon as November.

There are some ways to ease yourself back into traveling. You can get Visa Express to help with all your travel documents so you can sit back and enjoy your holiday!

Where You Are Going

This seems a bit of a given, but it is worth mentioning all the same. Knowing where you will be traveling on your adventure gives you a foundation from which to work from. From here, you can establish the route you will take while also noting any landmarks you wish to visit along the way.

Particularly if you are traveling alone, you should make an effort to choose populated trails for your travels or even budding up with other solo travelers.

Knowing where you are going and what amenities are available gives you a better understanding of what you need to take on your trip. This takes us to the following section.

What Resources You Need

Understandably, you will need to take some equipment with you; this is part and parcel of traveling, after all. While that is the case, you want to do what you can to minimize how much you are taking and packing light wherever possible.

When establishing where you are going and what you are doing, research whether these places have what you need. Narrow down your list of resources and where you are going based on this information while saving yourself time and money in the long run. Now that COVID-19 has changed the way the world travels, you will also need to check the local restrictions and requirements at your destination, as some destinations require proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test prior to allowing you entry. A PCR test for travel in San Francisco and other cities can easily help you meet testing requirements.

How to Prioritize Your Health

If you are anything like us, your mind does not turn to your health when considering your next ventures. However, you want to make a conscious effort to ensure you are safe and healthy at all times.

Pack enough medication for your trip to tide you over while also packing extra in the event of an emergency. Having a fully stocked first aid kit will also do the world of good; make sure it is easily accessible in your bags! Take any relevant health insurance documents with you also.

Don’t forget to address your dental and oral health while traveling. When traveling to numerous places in a short space of time, it often appears challenging to seek help for any dental or orthodontal issues that you might be experiencing. None more so than when you have ongoing treatment for misaligned or crooked teeth.

Clear braces provide an alternative to traditional metal ones and often require less frequent check-ups; ideal for those heading out on a cross-country trip in the coming months when unable to attend regular consultations. To find out all you need to know about clear braces, contact reputable clinics like Aligner Co.

While this piece has only highlighted a few things that you should consider when going on upcoming travels, we hope it has left you with a better insight into the types of factors that you should be considering. Wherever your travels take you, stay safe and have fun!


Nikki is an author and writer specializing in green living ideas and tips, adventure travel, upcycling, and all things eco-friendly. She's traveled the globe, swum with sharks and been bitten by a lion (fact). She lives in a tiny town with a fat cat and a very bad dog.

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