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Record Your Backyard Birds and Become a Citizen Scientist

Every year, homeowners across North America delight in the birds that visit their yards. If you enjoy watching birds, you can help to protect them by participating in citizen scientist projects that help create databases of bird activity. This helps scientists to track migratory routes and numbers which informs their ecological impact studies.


Journey North is an organization that tracks the migratory routes of hummingbirds. If you have a feeder, add your backyard bird information to the database here.


Do you have robins nesting or feeding on your earthworms? Record your numbers here in the spring and fall and here for nesting pairs.


These beautiful birds are in peril and you can help by joining the Kestrel Partnership. You can create nesting boxes and help to monitor bird numbers.


These bright, beautiful birds are an early harbinger of spring. They are a welcome guest to many gardens as they migrate across North America. You can record sightings here.

Red-wing blackbirds

If you see these birds in your yard, you know spring is not far behind! You can record your red-wing blackbird numbers here.

Barn Swallows

The number of swallows is dwindling dangerously, so please record sightings of this bird here or here.


Eastern and western blue bird numbers can be recorded here.


If you have black cap chickadees nesting in your yards, please register your nest here.


Build your own barn owl boxes with the simple plans here. Ensure you live in an area with sufficient grasslands for rodents to thrive that is free of pesticides.


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