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Sustainable Housing Becomes Even More Popular In 2018

If you want to live in sustainable housing, you’re not alone. The sustainable housing industry is expected to be one of the fastest growing industries in the world – and it isn’t hard to see why.

Rising house prices have made it nearly impossible for the vast majority of people to save up and buy a house – but that doesn’t mean that people are giving into a lifetime of renting. Instead, they are looking at tiny homes and sustainable homes as an alternative. Sustainable homes tend to be much cheaper than traditional homes, and they are also much better for the environment; recent research from the U.S. Information Administration found that residential buildings account for 21% of national energy consumption. That is nearly as much as every form of transportation, which has a huge impact on the environment.

A Greener World

Nearly a quarter of US energy is used to make homes liveable, which is seriously shocking – and the US government wants to reduce this number. Recent laws have been passed in various cities, including California’s Marin County, which mean that any new houses that are built must meet the energy budget of a 3,500 square foot home. This shows that the government is cracking down on excessive energy consumption, but it seems that many young people would still prefer to live in sustainable housing. 

Changes In California

And lots of developers are trying to keep up with this trend; in California there are lots of sustainable housing areas, including various communities with bike parking, low flow taps, electric vehicle charging stations and a community garden. The state is making a clear effort to become greener, although current agricultural laws still need some work if the state wants to become significantly greener.

It isn’t hard to see why people are choosing sustainable homes and tiny homes. It makes it much easier for people to get on the property ladder, and it is much better for the environment, but that isn’t all; the small spaces mean you will spend much less on gas and electric, and if you want you can go for a home that is completely off the grid, which appeals to nature lovers.

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