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Sustainable Investing is Here!

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You live green, eat local and organic and shop for items that were sustainably manufactured. You understand that securing your future means not only taking care of your finances, but the environment too. You work hard for your money but you haven’t had information available to help you make choices for investing in companies for whom sustainability is a priority. If you understand that every dollar you spend or invest is a vote for the companies and their ethical and sustainability practices, then your voting selection just got a whole lot greener.

New Options for Direct Investors

Canadians who are consciously working on reducing their impact on the environment have a new avenue as Scotia iTRADE becomes the first online brokerage in Canada to launch sustainable investing tools for direct investors. Sustainable investing adds environmental, social and corporate governance indicators as considerations when creating an investment portfolio.

The new generation of investors has a more diverse portfolio of considerations which include the environmental practices of companies they wish to invest in.

A Vital Investment Tool

Investing wisely is an art that is made a whole lot easier by Scotia iTRADE. Visit to access all the information you need on sustainable investing, they have helpful videos, a whitepaper and infographics, and you can even find out your own sustainability profile. Scotia iTRADE is offering sustainable investing tools that provide you with the information you may need on individual companies to help you make responsible and ethical investment decisions that could help secure your future in more ways than one.

Companies are beginning to understand that customers and investors care about more than their products. Reporting their progress on Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) practices is essential for those companies to position themselves for success.

As an investor, you no longer have to choose between adding to your equity and your values. You can invest your money in companies that may look at more than their profits. You can invest in companies that may be willing to invest in your future by preserving the environment that is so valuable to you. With Scotia iTRADE’s sustainable investing tools, you can now find over 1,200 companies on the Toronto Stock Exchange and Russell® 1000 Index that have the same values as you, which focus on sustainability and prioritize ethical practices.


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