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Best Fall Camping Gear Review

Camping hacks

Good news campers, we've picked the best camping gear we got to review this spring so you know what to buy for your next camping trip. Gear has to be practical and lightweight as our crew ventures deep into the backwoods. 

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Glamping In The Wilderness

camping tips

The number of Americans who have camped in the past 12 months has skyrocketed by an extra 5 million in the past ten years (up to nearly 47 million in the spring of 2017). While this figure is fantastic it begs the question - why aren’t the other 278 million people out under canvas too?

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The Guide to Camping in Green Style

camping lifestyle

We camp and hike and canoe because we love natural places and the animals who live in them. When we make a choice for green camping, we are choosing to preserve the environments we love so much.

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