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Sunday is Shower with a Friend Day

Shower sharing is planet caring, so do your duty to Mother Nature this Sunday and find a friend to shower with. While you are at it, there are other ways you can take care of our most valuable resource and reduce your monthly bills.

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Brilliant Money-Saving Tips for your Kitchen

green living tips

Over the years, I’ve added new habits and recipes to my daily routine and managed to reduce my kitchen costs by about 70%. I grow a lot of my own food, I have reduced my water and energy consumption and I make my own household cleaners. Here are some of my best secrets to reducing the amount you spend in your kitchen each year.

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How to Attract Birds to your Garden

DIY upcycled bird houses

Birds are a wonderful addition to your garden and can be incredibly entertaining and rewarding to watch. Creating an oasis for birds and other wildlife in your garden provides a welcome reprieve from the urban jungle and a vital source of food and shelter in their ever-dwindling habitats.

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