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6 Ways Hospitals Can Go Green in 2020

climate change is real

There is a myriad of changes a hospital can make to reduce its energy usage and overall environmental impact. In doing so, hospitals can reap tremendous benefits. Among them are reduced wastefulness, lower operating costs, safer patients, more comfortable staff, and an improved public image.

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Gas or Electric? Eco-Friendly Appliances Examined

With so many appliances constantly at work in your home, it is hard to know whether gas or electric is more efficient. You may not think about it when you are cooking your favorite meal or using your dryer, but there are certainly pros and cons to each option. If you are considering how to make your home greener and more eco-friendly, consider this info before you make your decision about what to buy.

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ARCA: Saving the Planet One Fridge at a Time

Responsibly recycling appliances for Energy Star

You can save up to $125 a year when you recycle of your old, energy-guzzling fridge or freezer. Replace your dated appliance with one that is Energy Star rated—you’re modernizing your kitchen, reducing your energy bills and saving the planet in one fell swoop! Congratulations, your awesomeness knows no bounds… but what to do with the old fridge?

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