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Are you Gluten Intolerant?

Are you gluten intolerant

Gluten, gluten everywhere and the effect it’s having on our bodies is astronomical. The increase in hamburger buns, pizza dough, unhealthy snacks and processed bread in our diets has introduced more gluten than our poor digestive tracts can manage.

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Bringing Back Bread!

Organic Bread Sprouted Seeds

Gluten intolerant? Eating bread give you a tummy ache? If you have had to cut bread and pizza crust from your diets then you are about to jump for joy! You see, when it comes to bread, not all bakers are created equal. When bread is baked with love, using a slow-baking technique and with organic ingredients free from chemicals and preservatives, you just don't get the kind of gluten that gives your guts the gears.

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