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Heart-Opening Yoga to Start your Year

The happiest of new years to you all from all of us at Greenmoxie. To start your year off right, here is a 14-Minute Heart opening yoga video for green 2015 from Yoga Renegade Mara Panacci.

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Finding Balance Shouldn’t Stress You Out

Green living blogger

In a world where everyone’s advised to chill out and ‘find balance,’ it can be near impossible to catch your flow. You either need more of it, should work harder to achieve it, or be actively striving to maintain it.

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How to travel on the Cheap!

Green travel ideas

I’m sunkissed, blissed out and well exercised. My journal is full of travel stories, sunset sketches and inspirational musings. With the promise of Spring on the horizon and all of the last minute warm destination vacations, I want to let you in on some savvy green living tips for traveling on the cheap.

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Why ‘Travel Light’ Should be your Life Motto

Random acts of Kindness

We hear this motto a lot, ‘Travel Light, Pack Light, Live Light’ and I agree that what we learn on the road can be an adage for how to live our lives. Here are 5 things I’ve learned about how a nomad’s mindset can serve us well in our everyday.

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5 Ways to Boost Your Immune System Naturally This Winter

You’ve winterized your home and your car, now its time to fortify your body against winter chills the natural way. Here are some foolproof tips to boosting your immune system to fight winter germs like a ninja. I recently went on a 21-day immune boost course with Greenmoxie contributor and yoga renegade, Mara Panacci. Here’s just some of the amazing ways she helps keep healthy over the winter.

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