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Don’t know what to do with your life? We do!


In a job you don't enjoy? Not sure what to do next? If you’re thinking; “I don’t know what I want to do with my life, but it’s definitely not this,” here’s how to go about finding the right career for you.

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Unconventional Ways to Get into the Christmas Spirit

Green Christmas

Not feeling festive? If you’re dreading the sound of jingle bells, throw tinned goods at carolers and ‘bah humbug’ at dogs with antlers, we’ve got your back. Studies show that giving to others helps to reduce our anxiety, improves happiness, promotes mental health and ensures our longevity.

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How to Make your Office a Happy Place

Green living blog

12 Ideas for Random Acts of Kindness to make your office the happiest place in the world. Making your office a happy place means changing the vibe and creating a positive atmosphere that benefits everyone. Here are some ideas for small acts of kindness to make the office a healthier, happier place to spend a third of your life.

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6 (Polite) Reasons to Love Canadians

When you start typing “Canadians are… into Google, it suggests ‘weird’ as an ending to that sentence, but I would like to proffer ‘polite’ as a far more accurate description. I’m not Canadian, but I have been living in the heart of Toronto for nearly four years now and I can guarantee that Canadians truly are the most polite people on earth. Here’s some of the sweet, sweet ways in which they brighten my every day.

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Finding Balance Shouldn’t Stress You Out

Green living blogger

In a world where everyone’s advised to chill out and ‘find balance,’ it can be near impossible to catch your flow. You either need more of it, should work harder to achieve it, or be actively striving to maintain it.

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Fall in Love with Toronto with 1 in 100

Green blog

Amazing line up of free, fun and fantastic activities set for tomorrow in Toronto. With over 170 events spreading the love across the city, we suggest you put on your fancy pants and gone and have yourself some fun. Random acts of kindness for you to enjoy.

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