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Sunday is Shower with a Friend Day

Shower sharing is planet caring, so do your duty to Mother Nature this Sunday and find a friend to shower with. While you are at it, there are other ways you can take care of our most valuable resource and reduce your monthly bills.

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How To Reduce Your Home Water Usage

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Summertime puts a huge strain on towns and cities when it comes to supplying water to their citizens. Not only can restrictions be placed on the amount of water a household is allowed to use, but the costs of using that water may rise quite steeply.

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Five Most Fun Ways to Save Water

In a world made 70% of water it’s easy to get complacent about water usage. Yet, every day, nearly 1 billion people go without clean, fresh, drinking water. That’s all while the average person in the developed world uses over 150 litres per day. We’ve all heard how you can save water by washing your hands in a bowl, showering rather than bathing and… this list goes on. Frankly, it can get a bit boring. So I thought I’d put together a list of more interesting and creative ways you can save water.

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