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Tired of Mowing? Try these Brilliant Lawn Alternatives

Unless you're a sheep farmer, there's just no need for all that grass. Are you spending fistfuls of money and a good deal of Saturdays mowing the lawn like a chump? Well, stop that. You can garden like a champ by considering an alternative lawn, reducing the amount of lawn you have or doing something useful with all that space. Here are some alternatives to the traditional lawn that will have you thinking twice about your patch of green.

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Fresh City Farms takes Urban Farming to the Next Level

Green Living: Urban Farming in the City of Toronto. Fresh City farm at Downsview Park in Toronto is a 2-acre plot of land that is changing the way in which we grow our food. "Our mission is to bring makers and eaters together," says Ran Goel, co-founder and general urban farming mastermind. Urban farming is an essential element to every green living lifestyle.

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Food Forest Fad

Green living: Edible food forest for the city of Seattle For over a century, the 7 acre stretch that is

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