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The world’s best tree houses

Tree houses have come a long way from the childhood forts that provided sanctuary against the great cooties outbreak of the ‘90s. Now you can relive the very best years of your childhood and take to the trees. Have the very finest simian abodes by taking inspiration from these incredible treehouses from around the world.

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Photos courtesy of the National Post

BC’s Best-kept Secret

Joel Allen is a master carpenter. If you have any doubts, just check out the incredible treehouse this 31-year old artisan has created. Built in a secret location in British Columbia, this amazing home was created as alternative living quarters for Joel who was, at the time, housed in his Ford Estcourt Hatchback. Joel doesn’t live in the treehouse, he leaves it in the Whistler woods for passers-by to discover. So far, six people have managed to locate it and avail themselves of its imaginitive accommodations.

Check out a video of Joel’s beautiful treehouse here.


Free Spirit Spheres

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Photos Courtesy of Free Spirit Spheres


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Book your stay in a Free Spirit Sphere here

You don’t need to be a master carpenter to live in a magnificent treehouse. You can enjoy a stay in a Free Spirit Sphere when you visit the unique accommodations of Tom Chudleigh. These gorgeous globes call Vancouver Island their home. Constructed using the same techniques as canoe builders, the Free Spirit Spheres provide a unique forest refuge to guests. Nestled in a web of ropes, the spheres sway gently in the breeze. Built by owner Tom Chudleigh, the spheres provide a sustainable hotel that gives you a completely new perspective. Chudleigh prefers to utilize bio-mimicry to minimize the impact of his hotel on the surrounding forest.





The Beach Rock Tree House

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Beach Rock Tree House

Designed by Japanese architect, Kobayahsi Takashi, the Beach Rock Tree House was created to enable communication with extra terrestrials. You can find the Beach Rock nestled in the treetops of Okinawa where this incredible window on the universe is a popular attraction at Japan’s rustic Beach Rock Resort.


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