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Top 4 Winter Camping Hacks

If you have the right gear and you use your head, winter camping can be so much fun. Here are five winter camping hacks to ensure smooth sailing. 

Choosing the right gear

  • Tents can be 3-season if you are not expecting storms. If a winter storm is on the cards, then 4-season tents are a must. It is a good idea to choose a slightly larger tent; for example, a three person tent for 2 people. This way, you can keep your gear inside which protects it from the cold. You can find  more resources here.
  • Down sleeping bags are preferred when it comes to winter camping, owing it to their warmth-to-weight ratio. A bag that has a specification of 10-15 F is ideal. 
  • Sleeping bag liners add an additional 5 to 25 degrees of warmth. They have an R-rating that ranges from 0 to 8, and a higher R-rating equals increased insulation. Sleeping pads with an R-rating of 4 or higher are perfect for winter camping. 

Warming yourself up inside the tent

  • Hang a candle lantern in the tent. It warms up the entire tent.
  • Place hot water in your water bottle under your knees before you go to sleep. It not only keeps you cozy, but also prevents your drinking water from freezing. 
  • Bring yoga mats and use them for extra insulation. 
  • Keep at least one of the vents in the tent open. It prevents condensation.
  • Stuff your next day’s clothes in between the sleeping bag liner and the sleeping bag for added insulation and for making mornings easier.
  • Use hand warmers.

Choosing the right camping spot 

  • Look out for a spot where the sun appears first in the morning. 
  • Avoid avalanche zones around your camping site. They usually have a slope of 40 degrees or higher.
  • Try to find a camping spot with a water source nearby. 


Dressing appropriately during winter camping helps you to stay warm and reduces the risk of frostbite and hypothermia. 

  • Base, middle and outer layers are what you need to focus on. Base is the underwear layer, middle is the fluffier jacket layer and the outer layer should be a waterproof jacket layer. 

Author’s BIO: Mark Bennett is an American writer and traveler, whose major inspiration has been camping with his father. He aims to visit 75 countries before he’s 30. You can also follow his adventures on his site Outdoorily.



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