15 Year Old South African Changes the World through Rock Climbing

Thomas is a young entrepreneur with a passion for climbing. He has travelled throughout Africa, lived in some obscure places and even caught a crocodile! He has a passion to help others live life to the fullest and does so through this community outreach rock climbing project.

 Helping kids in developing countries

“In August 2013 I will be attending the World Youth Climbing Championships in Canada, download (4)representing South Africa as part of our national climbing team,” says Thomas and his excitement at the prospect is palpable. It’s through this event that Thomas wants to launch his outreach program, 3 More Moves. “I’m really hoping people will want to participate in this exciting new initiative to encourage lead climbing in previously disadvantaged communities in South Africa.”

Through his rock climbing program, Thomas hopes to bring the sport to disadvantaged youth who don’t have the financial resources they need to participate.

 What they hope to achieve

3 More Moves will help kinds excel in all aspects of life, achieving goals that before seemed impossible. In ways only climbing can do. They aim to help participants by teaching:

  • Climbing skill – which works both mental and physical strength
  • Life skills – to prepare kids for the journey ahead
  • Perseverance – to possess the willpower to make those three more moves, no matter what
  • Purpose – bringing to light a hidden purpose that all kids are longing to find
  • Overcoming fear – so life can be lived open-mindedly and freely
  • Trust – in yourself, and in others
  • Self-confidence – believing in yourself and in your abilities
  • Helping communities – showing them a different outlook on life by encouraging the above
  • Giving kids a chance to make a difference
  • Hope of a better future

How you can help

Thomas and his team have sponsored the climbing gym and the time to coach disadvantaged students. However, the travel/logistics/gear/catering and follow up visits all require funding. Your contributions will go directly to changing lives. Please see our banking details below and send us even the smallest of contribution, as these will all help. We will stay in touch with you so send your contact details as well for regular updates.

UPDATE August 1st 2013

download (1)This weekend I climbed in the second—out of four—qualifying rounds for Nationals. I am representing SA Pretoria and climb for the Barn, otherwise known as the Wolf Pack! To qualify for National finals a climber has to climb a total of four qualifying completions, which consist of two routes each. currently I am in second place and guaranteed a spot in the finals, which will be hosted by The Barn later this year. The Barn is the best climbing gym in South Africa, with superb lead climbing walls and a bouldering cave to match; its most prominent features are the walls that run along the roof allowing for some interesting climbing!

Competition day and everyone has gathered at The Barn to partake in the day’s events. Nerves are high and I feel a bit shaky. Everyone is in a great mood and ready for the two routes set out for them to conquer.
The under-fifteen category kicks things off. With just one look you can see that there are strong upcoming climbers with astonishing talent. Next come the under-seventeen—my category. The routes are long and hard but precision, technique and power get us through. Unfortunately the routes claim four climbers with spectacular falls! But no one was injured thanks to the work of the expert belayers. Following us are the Under-nineteen and then the Opens, who all put on a show of power and grace. The day was a success and everyone awaits the next round of qualifiers.

Nationals have been a warm up for me to get my body and mind in the right place for World Youth Finals which is right around the corner. I am flying with the SA team to Canada on the 9th of August, in just two weeks! I am both excited and scared for what lies ahead. I intend to go to Canada and make my Country proud while raising awareness and sponsorship for 3 More Moves; a charity which I will be launching on my return. 3 More Moves will help to cultivate Africa’s upcoming climbers who do not have the funds to participate in the sport. This is a chance to increase exposure for climbing, while changing the lives of children who before had nothing. All this is possible because of your help and support; I thank everyone for believing with me in my dream, and I know we can change the climbing world for the better!

You can contact Thomas on [email protected]


Bank: Standard Bank (of South Africa)
Branch Address: Lynnwood Ridge, the Grove Shopping Centre
cnr Simon Vermooten & Lynnwood Road’s
Equestria, Pretoria
South Africa
Branch code: 012445
Account Number: 636463788
Savings Account for 3 More Moves

 If you want to contribute in North America, contact us for details. 

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