19 Upcycled Christmas Ornaments You can Make Yourself!

Avoid spending money on holiday decorations this year and make your own DIY Christmas ornaments. You can have fun with the family and create memories that you can keep on your tree every year. These amazing upcycled Christmas decoration ideas are easy and fun!

Upcycled lightbulb snowmen

Upcycled lightbulb snowmen

Upcycled sweater bird ornaments

Upcycled sweater bird ornaments – hand sew these little cuties or make them from felt.

Upcycled light bulb ornaments

Upcycled light bulb glitter decorations

UpcycledPuzzle piece wreathes

DIY wreaths made from recycled puzzle pieces

Beer cap snowman

Recycled Bottle Top snowmen

Button tree ornaments

Upcycled button Christmas Tree Decorations

Button wreath

Recycled Button Wreaths

Cookie Cutters

DIY Cookie Cutter Angels

paper decorations

DIY Paper Christmas Decorations

Shell ornaments

Seashell Christmas Tree Decorations

Upcycled Beer bottle

Recycled Beer Bottle Top Decorations

Upcycled bottle top reindeer

DIY Bottle top Reindeer Ornaments

Upcycled button ball ornament

Upcycled Ball Decorations with old Buttons

Upcycled circuit board tree

Upcycled Circuit Board Christmas Tree

Upcycled grinch light bulb

Upcycled Grinch Light Bulb Ornament

Upcycled puzzle tree

Upcycled Puzzle Piece Christmas Tree

Upcycled scrabble ornament

Upcycled Scrabble Christmas Ornament

Upcycled scrabble

Upcycled Christmas Coasters

Upcycled sweater polar bear ornament

Upcycled Sweater Polar Bear Ornament


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