Upcycled bathtub couch

28 Incredible Upcycling Projects for you to do

Reuse, reduce, recycle and upcycle! Upcycling is a new green living trend which repurposes old junk to make amazing new items for your home or office. Upcycling bring with it a myriad benefits like saving perfectly useful items from the landfill. When you upcycle, you prevent the use of natural resources to create new items and you have something that has probably already off-gassed all it’s nasty chemicals, so the air in your home or office is cleaner and greener.

Upcycled items aren’t just good for the environment, they also carry with them a vintage steampunk charm that endears them to those who make them and those very special folks who receive them as gifts. Almost everything in my home is upcycled and I LOVE it! Here are some of our favorite items:


upcycle cassette wallet

upcycle fork handles

upcycle teapot planters

upcycle Book shelf

Upcycle Bottle greenhouse

Upcycling Canned herbs

Upcycling Coffee tables

Upcycling Colendar Lamp

Upcycled doll's house

Upcycled dishes lamp

Upcycled plumber fitting lamps

DIY upcycled Ladder shelf

Recycled Whist lanterns

Recycled Old bed new sofa

Green living tips

Upcycling ideas

Upcycling project

Upcycling slides

Upcycling slides Bottle chandelier

upcycled cocktail umbrealla lamp

Upcycled  Bar TV

Upcycled tire swing

Upcycled spoon lampshade

Green living rake shelf

Upcycled coat rack


DIY upcycled Chair swing

Recycled Bottle top floor

Upcycled decanter lights

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  1. Nick Tedesco

    Wow, just shows you what a little creativity can do to some of the stuff that most people already have lying around.

    Also, a picture is worth a thousand words. So the pictures on this post definitely do the job.

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