3 Totally Awesome DIY Bike Lights

pic by awesnob.com

In the last couple of weeks, two of my nearest and dearest have been on bike rides that came to a sticky end. In each case, they narrowly escaped major injury by wearing their bike helmets (let that serve as a cautionary tale), but evaded detection by oblivious motorists. What’s to be done? There is only one logical recourse: pimp that bike to make you SUPER visible to even the most somnambulistic drivers. Investing a bit of your time and money in safe bike cruising at night is still nothing compared to the cost of commuting by car – so don’t let the dark stop you!

cycEL Glow Bike by awesnob.com (pictured above)

Well Ta friggin DA! This easy-to-follow instruction guide gives you awesome step-by-steps that help you to turn your doh! bike into a glow bike in 3 easy steps. Here EL wire is used to illuminate the frame for your very own DIY green glow bike. You can get a copy of awesnob.com’s really comprehensive guide here.

The only downside to the awesomeness of the glow bike is the 8 AA batteries the EL wire blazes through in pretty short order. This has been known to irk the green living enthusiast.  If you are looking for something a little greener, then maybe you want to make this garden-variety solar lamp bike light from an upcycled stick deodorant tube.

Upcycled Solar-powered Deodorant Bike Light

Upcycled Solar-powered Deodorant Bike Light

Upcycled Deodorant Solar Bike Light by Instructables

You would be hard-pressed to find an easier DIY green project! What this entails is taking out the important bits from a garden-variety solar lamp and reassembling them in an upcycled deodorant stick tube. Use silicone to secure the solar panel in place and seal the deal. You can make use of Instructable’s amazing step-by-step-with-photos guide here.











Green DIY bike light

Robert Katovich of Electric Apparatus is the MacGyver of bike light world. All you need to emulate his genius is a rubber band, an LED light, a plastic bottle and a couple of pieces of hardware. This amazing upcycled plastic bottle bike light can be made with just a few items many of you will have lying around the house. You can get the full tutorial on Etsy.

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