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3 Reasons You Should Seriously Consider Switching to Solar Power

Did you know that the average cost of solar panels has dropped nearly 50% since the beginning of 2014? Solar power has been out of reach for many people because of price, but that’s not the case anymore. If you aren’t convinced, we’ll help you out.

  1. Lower Energy Costs

When looking into putting in a solar power system and searching, “solar companies near me,” one of the biggest reasons to say yes to solar is reduced energy costs.

Even on rainy days, your solar panels collect energy from daylight. While direct sunlight does give more energy, don’t get discouraged when the sun isn’t out in full force.

Solar panels do cost money upfront, but when you have solar installed, you may be able to stop paying the electric company altogether. Keep in mind that the more electricity you use, the more solar panels you’ll need, which will increase your upfront costs.

When you look at the amount of money you can save, keep in mind that you can get some tax benefits in many places for opting for solar.

  1. Environmentally Friendly

Solar energy is clean energy and will allow you to feel good about reducing your carbon footprint. Not only is solar energy clean, but you are also able to reduce your use of fossil fuels and the release of greenhouse gases into the environment.

As more people switch to solar, there will be less need for coal, which means a reduction in the environmental damage caused by coal mining and fossil fuel extraction.

  1. Gives Energy Security

Many people look at their electric bill each month and can’t believe the prices they pay to have the power they need. When you have solar power, you don’t have to rely on electric companies and be subject to their pricing hikes.

Solar energy allows you to feel secure in the fact that you can be independent of the power grid. Many people choose to go fully solar and while this can take quite a bit of upfront cost, it does give you peace of mind knowing no one can turn your power off.



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