Thanksgiving Table Decor Tips

Whether you’re celebrating Thanksgiving this coming weekend (Canada), next month (the US) or just adding harvest appeal to your dining table, here’s how:

Thanksgiving one

Color – when picturing the fall season we generally tend to associate it with hues such as those found in nature ie think of changing leaves in yellow, orange, red and burgundy. But don’t stick to these alone and incorporate into the table setting any warm, inviting shade that captures the ambiance of autumn.

Thanksgiving 2

Composition – this is the way something is put together or arranged, in this case the elements making up the table setting and décor. Try adding height with a centerpiece through the use of candle sticks, floral/twig arrangements, antlers or any outdoor items that add an organic touch. Alternatively, position the decorations symmetrically around the table (leaving enough space for food!) so that they can be enjoyed from all angles.

Thanksgiving 3

Character – add items that will provide some real interest. Sustainable accessories are a particularly good way to infuse originality while also more beneficial to the planet. Yes, a tiny orange pumpkin is cute, but why not add some white or multi-colored squash instead? Or paint (using low VOC options) some gourds gold and silver for a bit of bling…

Thanksgiving 4

Creativity – as Thanksgiving is a family holiday this should be an activity which involves everyone, especially the kids (with a little supervision). Children (and grownups!) can do crafts, paint pictures, make place cards or illustrate a paper table runner depicting their interpretation of this celebration. It’s an imaginative and inexpensive way to decorate. Have fun!

Thanksgiving 5


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