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5 Plants That will Make your Office a Happier Place

Money doesn’t grow on trees? Actually, it does! Bringing plants into your office space improves your indoor air quality and helps to reduce the stress levels of workers. Happy workers are more productive and have fewer sick days, so get thee to the garden depot at once.

Off-gasing from furniture, cleaning products and Brandy from accounting’s perfume can really reduce the quality of your indoor air. It can actually make you ill, or at least sleepy and listless. The best solution here is to pop a few plants into each cubicle. But choose the right plants; ones which can thrive on low light and neglect.

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Spider plants

These plants need very little light and almost no maintenance. A recent study from the University of Hawaii discovered that spider plants are also one of the most effective at removing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the air so you can breathe easy.

Mint Plant in a Flower Pot


This is a plant that prefers a sunny windowsill. When you rub or break the leaves, you will get that minty fresh smell which, a study in the  International Journal of Neuroscience shows, can improve alertness and memory and suppress appetite. You can also use the leaves to make peppermint tea.

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Peace Lily

This plant is easy to grow and loves low light areas. It is also one of the best office plants for sucking up indoor air pollutants.

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Possibly the most well-known of the office plants, these happy campers send out long tendrils that you can drape over windows or room dividers to create an attractive feature. You can also put them in hanging baskets to create an interesting focal point.

Boston Compacta Fern Isolated on White

Boston Ferns

These wonderful office plants like indirect light and humid environments. They grow profusely and can be a really wonderful feature.

Most office plants succumb to the air conditioning. There isn’t much you can do to prevent this, except to put your plants on rotation. That means you have more than one set of plants and rotate those plants which need a little outside time.

Office plant hire companies, like Gaddy’s, rotate the indoor office plants every couple of months or earlier, as needed, so you always have a luscious office environment. Indoor plant benefits are legion and create happier, healthier office spaces.


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