5 Cool Bike Gadgets You Need This Summer

Daily commuter, casual rider, or professional cyclist, the right gear can make all the difference in your journey. Aside from must-have gear, there are bike-related products that can add to both the safety and “coolness” of your experience. From a high-tech helmet and lighting system to a functional backpack and stylish bag, there’s nothing like an innovative upgrade to have you cycling safely and stylishly.

Smart Bike Helmet

There are ordinary cycling helmets, and there are bike helmets like this that take style and safety to the next level. This helmet upgrade features an integrated brake and signal lights and increased visibility and safety on the road courtesy of the Lumos Matrix.

Also called the Ultimate Smart Bike Helmet, this piece of protective headgear is regarded as one of the best bike helmets on the market. You control it via a wireless remote that mounts on the handlebar and comes with a wide, customizable LED display. It’s also designed with a front-facing light that works in tandem with automated brake lights and turn signals to boost safety on the road.

Laser-Boosted Bicycle Light

Essentially, this laser-enhanced cycling light by Beryl is a 300-lumen LED front light with a pre-configured green laser. It aims to boost cycling safety for night riders in urban environments. The accessory’s state-of-the-art laser feature lets it project an illuminating bicycle symbol on the road, which alerts pedestrians and fellow drivers to your presence.  Everything about this gizmo is easy. It’s easy to install and use and comes with a fully waterproof design.

Parker Commuter Backpack

Timbuk2 is known for outdoing itself time and again with its new product releases, and they have kept the trend going with the Parker Commuter Backpack. This pack is as slick and as functional as they come and is suited for both everyday commutes and long-distance cycling. It’s built from 600D PVC, which speaks volumes about its durability. This seemingly ordinary but great-looking pack is tougher than it looks, being able to withstand even the harshest elements that nature could throw your way.

This Timbuk2 number comes with multiple straps and an air-mesh rear panel for versatile and comfortable carrying. Not to mention, the straps are designed with magnetic compression, so they contract or expand depending on the bag’s capacity.

Speaking of capacity, there should be enough room for a 15-inch laptop in the main compartment and smaller, quick-access items in the multiple front compartments. Other features include a removable rain-fly and reflective mesh panel for added protection from the weather.


Nothing quite matches up to the cycling experience provided by SmartHalo. With its gorgeous design packed with discreet and elegant features, it can transform your ordinary bike into a smart bicycle in an instant.

Working in tandem with its intuitive companion app, the gadget can improve navigation, track your health and fitness goals, help you remember where you parked, and much more. It’s also designed with an anti-theft alarm, smart personal assistant, and automated night light. It can also connect to your phone, alerting you to any incoming calls and texts, and weather changes.

Bicycle Saddle Bag

The true cycling experience comes when style and safety come together. This number created by Walnut Studiolo combines modern functionality with the traditional leather style. It’s made of premium American leather with a waterproof finish that protects your belongings no matter what the weather.

Do You Really Need All This Stuff?

No, you don’t. What you truly need is basic safety gear. Anything more than that would be for added protection and to improve your experience. Nevertheless, as your passion for cycling grows, you’re eventually going to want to accessorize to prepare yourself for uncertain situations like getting a flat tire, sudden hunger while riding, and an increase or drop in temperatures. Consider these possibilities when picking out additional gear and other products for your bike, so they can be of actual use to you.

How To Choose The Right Products

When shopping for bike products, consider various user reviews and personal experiences with the brands (if applicable) when deciding which accessories to buy. That way, your chances of ending up with products that impact your specific riding experience are much higher.

Don’t Forget to Drink Up!

There are drinking accessories for cycling, too! And, no, we’re not talking about the ones that may come with your bike.

We can never put enough emphasis on drinking enough fluids while cycling, as this helps regulate body temperature. When the body’s temperature rises, performance tends to drop. However, when you replenish lost fluid regularly, you maintain a cooler temperature that leads to better cycling performance. So make sure to take in enough water before and after your ride using smart containers that hold enough volume for your hydration needs.


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