bathtub sofa upcycled product

5 Must-Have Green Buys for a Beautiful Home

A huge Greenmoxie welcome to our new green living blogger, Peter Oudejans from Oudejans Interiors. Peter will be sharing his secrets on how you make your home look great while staying green. 

As a designer it’s not just that my favourite colour is green, but that I’m always striving to be ‘green’. Translation – I try to find ways to incorporate eco-friendly products and green living practices into my projects wherever possible.

There are a lot of ways to do this in my profession, as I can source commodities that are manufactured locally. But why bother? We have a lot of talented tradespeople in this country; items don’t have to travel as far, which reduces their carbon footprint and there’s nothing like supporting our own businesses.

I choose to go with reclaimed or FSC-certified woods, recycled glass/metals or any of the varied repurposed and upcycled goods that are gaining popularity. What’s reassuring is that becoming more environmentally conscious is more than just a trend. Many of the larger retailers are now carrying an array of green living articles, produced with enhanced care for their natural surroundings – proving that looking after the environment can equal looking good!

So if you’re working with a designer, whether it be a kitchen makeover, an office update or a restaurant refurbishment, ask them how they can make the process ‘greener’. The planet will love you for it!

Delano Dining Table & Bench from Style Garage

Recycled wood furniture

Recycled Glass Pitcher from Hudson’s Bay

Recycled productgs

Reclaimed Wood used in Post and Rail Bed & Nightstands from Urban Barn

Upcycled furiture

Upcycled Bathtub Sofa from Greenmoxie

bathtub sofa upcycled product

Organic Cocoon String Lights from Ginew

Organic Cocoon String Lights

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At the early age of 12, Peter designed his own bedroom to rave reviews and subsequently cultivated his passion for design. A graduate from the New York School of Interior Design, Peter has lived in Amsterdam, London, New York and more recently in Toronto where he founded Oudejans Interiors in 2010. Greatly influenced by his time abroad, Peter infuses a modern, European flare in his work, making an environment feel enduring, stylish and elegant, while ensuring functionality. He works closely with clients, tailoring their space to reflect their personality and lifestyle. Check out his website at

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