6 Green Remodeling Hacks to Boost the Value of Your Home

Your home is your biggest investment in life. Like any other investment, you want it to grow. According to Green Home Builder, one of the best ways to boost your home’s value is to go green. Making your home sustainable doesn’t necessarily mean getting solar panels on your roof. There are many easy changes that you can make that will save you money too.

Backyard upcycled ideas

Backyard Beautiful!

Buyers love a space in the backyard to entertain and watch their kids play. Composite decking is popular because it’s low-maintenance, long lasting and is made of recycled wood and plastic. Another interesting recycled product is rubber mulch. Rubber mulch is made from 100% recycled rubber, typically from tires. This will make the landscaping look fresh and will be a soft option to place under a play set.

You can plan your dream backyard by finding homes for sale in Albuquerque.

How to upcycle bathtub sofa

Recycle and Upcycle!

Repurposing wood is all the rage. You can re-finish old furniture pieces, such as old dressers, desks, bedframes, even your outdoor garden chairs and transform them into new beauties. Repurposing wood isn’t just for furniture. Flooring is now made from repurposed barn wood. A few repurposed pieces used to stage your home could trigger that nostalgic feeling that makes it a must-have home for the right buyer, not to mention all the natural resources that will be saved in the process.

green living tips

Slash your Bills and Help Mother Nature

Often overlooked is the insulation in your home. Replacing old, outdated insulation can save you big bucks on your energy bill. The new technology and innovations in the insulation world have been drastic. Also, sealing your home can save you money by making your home more efficient. An efficient home saves you money and helps the Earth by saving energy.

save energy tips

Programmable Thermostat

Switching to an updated programmable thermostat is another way to cut your utility bills. Constantly turning the air down and the heat up or heating your home when you are asleep or at work is costing you. It’s much easier to sustain a temperature than to raise the temperature of the entire house up or down by even a few degrees.

how to save water

Energy Star Appliances and High-efficiency Toilets

It may seem odd to be shopping for a refrigerator and a toilet at the same time, but they will both save you money while enhancing the value of a home. In the kitchen, buyers love new appliances, especially stainless steel ones. Energy Star appliances help the green rating of your home and will mean you save on your utility bills. For more information on how to kit out your kitchen, ask the San Diego Kitchen Pros.

Older toilets use over 5 gallons per flush! Think about how much water is wasted in just one day for a family of four. High-efficiency toilets use less than 1.5 gallons of water per flush. That’s a drastic cut on wasted water.

harmful chemicals in cleaners

green living tips

Energy-efficient Windows

Switching old windows for new, energy-efficient windows is a great way to increase the value of your home while helping the environment. Older windows are known for leaking air (that’s why  you are paying so much for air conditioning or heating). Double-pane windows are the way to go. In the winter, they keep the cold out and the warm in. There is space between the two panes that is sealed and filled with gas to keep the windows insulated. This helps in the summer to keep the heat out while allowing the sunshine in.

The real estate market can be tough and according to So Cal Home Buyers, each incentive that you can offer to a potential buyer will increase the likelihood of moving your home fast. Even if you are not selling your home today, you may want to in the future and having a more efficient home is a great selling point. In the meantime, you can enjoy the savings that an efficient home offers.


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