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6 Upcycled Garden Ponds you can Make this Weekend

Garden ponds are little wildlife oases that can really level up the wow factor of your garden. Picture it now; you sipping your morning coffee mesmerized by the flitting of the dragonflies or the lazy swish of goldfish tails. Better still, making your backyard pond from these awesome upcycled items can mean you get more garden zen for less dough. Now that’s relaxing!

If you are serious about building a working garden pond in a day, here are some of the key components that will have to come in any pond kit that you buy or assemble:

  • Pond Liner
  • Decorative stone
  • Plants and fish
  • Pump

A pond pump is needed as water circulation is essential to keep the water clean and to prevent your pond from becoming a mosquito breading ground.

Upcycling Pond Liner Ideas

You can make a pond by digging a large hole and lining it with a heavy plastic pond liner, but these can be expensive. If you have a little bit of imagination, you can use just about anything to create your little oasis. Upcycling an old item will keep it out of the landfill and make your pond less likely to leak.

Simply dig a hole (be sure to call ahead so you don’t damage cables or gas lines), pop your pond in and decorate with rocks and plants. Here are some ideas for upcycled ponds.

How about an old bathtub?

claw foot bathtub pond

picture by

This one is made from an old tractor tire. Get the tutorial here.

tractor tire pond DIY

pic by Hanimania

You can use an old hot tub to create the perfect backyard pond.

upcycled hot tub pond

This pond is made from a stock tank. You can see it here.

upcycled stock tank pond

This cedar hot tub has been transformed into a beautiful koi pond.

upcycled hot tub koi pond

Take a look at this! This upcycled satellite dish makes a beautiful pond.

upcycled satellite dish pond

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