8 DIY Upcycled Bird Houses

‘Tis the season for feathered-friend romance and if you would like to attract birds to your garden, providing an ‘air’ B&B for your little tweeters is a grand start. When birds find a suitable nest, they will often return to it year after year. Here are some gorgeous DIY  bird feeders you can make from upcycled materials which are cheap and great for Mother Earth.

DIY Folgers Upcycled Bird house

An upcycled coffee tub (or any large plastic tub) makes a cozy cottage for your birds. Get the full DIY Guide from Instructables.

Upcycled Tin Can Bird House

Old tins make the perfect house. This one comes from Milepost 7.

Upcycled Coffee pot bird house

This cute upcycled coffee pot bird house comes from Retro Kitchen.

Upcycled Show DIY Bird House

Give waste the boot with this upcycled shoe bird house from Mother Nature Network.

Upcycled Mail Box Bird House

From Iron, Stone and Pine, this beautiful upcycled bird house is an inspiration.

Watering Can DIY Upcycled Bird House

Your old watering can will have a second life as a wonderful upcycled bird house. This one comes to us from Pet DIYs.

Upcycled Soda Bottle DIY Bird House

Soda bottles can be upcycled to make these sweet little bird abodes. This idea come from It’s a Crazy Life.

Upcycled tea pot bird house


Provide Bed and Breakfast with this sweet upcycled teapot bird house and teacup feeder from DIY to Make.



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