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8 Natural Ways to Prevent Hair Loss

If you think that the only thing that bald looks good on is Bruce Willis and Eagles, we are here to help! There are many ways in which you can slow the tides of time and keep your luscious locks for longer. That’s right, put off the terminally unattractive comb-over or the nesting rodent look of a toupee. Instead, use these natural remedies to stimulate your follicles into a couple more years of healthy hair.

Massage your melon!

Poor blood circulation is a common cause of shiny pate and you can get the juices flowing with a daily massage. Scalp massages help improve circulation which bring oxygen and nutrients to your follicles and encourages them to sprout lyrical. For a simple video on how to massage your own melon, watch here:

Coconut for your coiffure

Coconut oil contains a wealth of nutrients and vitamins that your hair needs to grow. Coconut oil not only provides your scalp with nutrients and vitamins, it also makes for a really great conditioner.

Egg your noggin

Eggs are rich in protein which makes for strong, healthy hair. Your mop is made of 85% protein, so your body needs protein in wads if it is going to produce a healthy head of hair. If you want to provide your follicles with some food, whisk two eggs and rub into your hair and scalp. Leave for a few minutes and then rinse under warm water. Protein helps hair grow, so ensure that you get enough in your daily diet too.

No meat, more mane!

Red meat contains sebum which blocks hair follicles and pores and prevents hair growth. Cutting down on red meat (especially the fatty kinds like bacon) can lower your sebum levels and let your locks grow. You can also take vitamin A to regulate healthy sebum production.

Iron mane

If you are cutting down on red meat or if you are a vegetarian, ensure that you are getting enough iron. Iron is absolutely essential in the production of a healthy head of hair. Iron storage (called Ferritin) maximizes hair growth.

Pelt perfection

Biotin is a type of intestinal bacteria that actually stimulates hair growth. Eat foods rich in biotin like brown rice and nuts. The B vitamins are also essential for healthy hair growth so make sure you get yours, especially vitamin B3 which promotes circulation.

Saw palmetto

Not only does saw palmetto support your prostate health, studies show that it effectively stops hair loss because it prevents testosterone from converting into dihydrotestosterone which is a compound linked to thinning hair. You can get a saw palmetto supplement from your health food store.



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