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Alaskan Mom Offers Her Beautiful Tiny House Plans for Free

It was while Anna White was helping her husband build their home in a remote part of Alaska that she discovered her love for DIY and being self-sufficient. It sparked her creativity and she was soon experimenting with making her own furniture. That’s when this stay-at-home mom started her wonderful blog offering readers free plans to build their own furniture. Now she’s built her first tiny house and she’s offering the plans…. for FREE!

Tiny house plans free

The blog has grown into a book and even a pilot TV show, but Anna still likes to keep her plans free as a way to motivate and help those who are interested in being more self-sufficient: “I needed to be able to provide plans for free so women could look at it and it would create confidence in them that ‘I can build this’. I knew that for me, as a mom with a single income, a really limited income, at home all day, it needed to be free because I myself couldn’t have afforded to pay $10 a plan.”

Take a Walking Tour of the Tiny House:

This year, Anna built her first Tiny House called Quarts which sits on a 24-foot long and 8.5-foot wide PJ Super Wide Channel B6 trailer. Due to the extreme Alaskan weather, Quartz doesn’t have any water or bathroom facilities, but Anna kindly released alternative plans with these features.

Free tiny house plans

Get Anna’s free plans from her website here.


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