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Natalie-Marie is a visionary, a true seer of our generation. Ready to use these gifts and skill sets to encourage, empower and inspire you. With a deep seated belief in a better world for all, which starts with a better world for you. Her relaxed demeanour and kind heart will put you at ease to visit the dark places of yourself you keep hidden. To reveal a healthier and happier you, by releasing stress, overwhelm and anxiety. Whether you are seeking guidance, in need of some healing or just looking for a new approach to life. Natalie-Marie believes in making the im-possible...possible. So hold onto your hat and expect the unexpected. Are you ready for a change? Visit

Hunt for your Herbs: Awesome things to do with Dandelions

Green living blogger

There is something about foraging that I find intoxicating. So I googled the benefits of dandelions. Wow! Are you kidding me, so much nutrition and it grows so abundantly, why on earth are we not tapping into this? Learn about the amazing benefits and nutritional value of dandelions. A great green living way to eat organic and local!

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