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Best Hiking Routes for Fall Colors in the U.S.

 Guest post by Melanie Campbell*

Fall provides hikers with some of the most spectacular treks of the year. If you time it right and know where to go, you can enjoy some of the most breathtaking views. Cooler weather makes for comfortable hiking and the best part? No bugs!

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May Lake, Yosemite National Park

May Lake is located in Yosemite National Park, California. It’s a beautiful destination to visit at any time, but its trails are a must-see during fall. You will experience dogwood and maple reds, oak and aspen yellows with the purples and crimsons of the poison oak. This hiking route is family friendly, and it’s about 1.3 miles long.

You will find May Lake north of the Yosemite Valley. At the end of the lake, you can find a Sierra Club Trail Camp if you want to spend the night. Swimming in the lake is forbidden, although no one would like to swim at this time of the year anyway.

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Jesup Trail, Acadia National Park

Jesup Trail is located in Acadia National Park, Maine and is one of the New England’s most beloved trails. Fall is a great time to visit this route since it offers majestic ribbons of color over its ridged landscape. You will come across birches, maples, beeches, white ashes and oaks.

There are two options for hiking; a 2-mile roundtrip path or the second option is a long one; it’s a 3.6-mile North Bubble Trail which will offer you breathtaking views of Eagle Lake and Cadillac Mountain. If you happen to choose the longer trip, make sure that you bring some food or MRE’s with you in case you get hungry.

There’s a beautiful garden to the right of the Nature Center called “Wild Gardens of Acadia.” The garden features native plants of Mount Desert Island. There’s a wooden footbridge just before the entrance to the garden which leads to the Jesup Path.

The Jesup Path is a beautiful boardwalk through a white, boggy birch forest. The end of the boardwalk ends where the trail crosses the Hemlock Road again. If you continue along the Jesup Path, you will go through the Great Meadow which ends at the Park Loop Road and across the road you will find the Great Meadow Loop. Along the entire path, you will be surrounded by colorful trees.

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Stowe Pinnacle Trail, Vermont

Renowned for its scenic peaks, ski attractions, and untouched beauty, Stowe offers incomparable views in the fall. You will experience a moderate-level hike up the 2.8-mile trail. It’s a steep climb which will culminate in broad views of fall scenery.

The red and sugar maples on the nearby Green Mountains with Hogback Mountain to the southeast and the Worcester Mountain Rage to the west make for a wonderful view.

You will be able to choose the trail you want to take; there are moderate, easy and expert trail options for all abilities and ages. So it’s safe to say that Stowe is a family-friendly trail for a great fall adventure.

Whichever trail you decide to go on you will be awed by nature surrounding it. My advice is to put them all on your to-visit list.

*Melanie Campbell is the outdoor and camping enthusiast behind Ardent Footsteps. She shares expert advice when it comes to camping and outdoor trekking. With the main focus on making the most out of camping and outdoor adventures, Melanie will make you want to go out today!


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