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Best Natural Make-up Review: Foundation and Face Powders

I don’t wear a lot of make-up because of all the toxins found in make-up and a significant amount of green-washing by the cosmetics industry. Let’s just say I have trust issues… But, a recent make-up review of natural brands has left me very pleasantly surprised! Our requirements were that the products be cruelty-free, vegan and natural. I roped in a couple of my friends and colleagues to try out several brands and these were our favorites.


Zuzu Luxe Oil-free Liquid Foundation: this gives great coverage for a natural look. We liked this Zuzu Luxe Oil-free Liquid Foundation reviewbecause it didn’t cake on and the oil-free formula meant that it was quickly absorbed for a feel so natural, no one will be able to tell you’re wearing make up!

We found that the colors were slightly lighter than those pictured on the color chart, but if you get it right, you can enjoy flawless skin all day long. This product is vegan and cruelty-free. Highly recommended!

Gabriel Moisturizing Liquid Foundation: When it comes to my beauty regimen, I am a little lazy. Gabriel Moisturizing Liquid Foundation reviewThat’s why I love products that do more than one job. This great foundation is the perfect product for those with a busy life as it moisturizes, conceals and provides an SPF 18 sunblock. It was a little creamier and heavier than the Zuzu, but it did do a better job of evening out my skin tone. It wasn’t too heavy and it still gave me the natural look I like. This is really good if you have dry or sensitive skin. This product is vegan and cruelty free. I loved it!

Face Powders

Zuzu Dual Powder Foundation: This is a great option for the summer! If you are going to be Zuzu dual powder foundation reviewsweating, liquid foundation isn’t always the best option. Using a dual powder and foundation means you get flawless skin with less make up. The best thing about these is that you can reapply on the go. This is also a better option if you have an oily skin. We really love these powder foundations as they suit our busy lifestyles and did a great job of giving us an even skin tone.

Gabriel Dual Powder Foundation: This dual powder and foundation twofer gives you great value for money. I love the silkiness and the ease with which it can be applied. We found it great for absorbing excess oil Gabrielle dual powder foundation reviewfor those with oily skin and to reduce the sheen on hot summer days. Great for on-the-go as it is easy to apply.

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