Brilliant Natural Swimming Pools

Picture by Water House

Pool’s out for summer! Say no to energy-guzzling, chlorine-drenched swimming pools and yes to natural swimming pools that you can make yourself. I don’t mean icky, slimy ponds that smell like sweaty feet; meet the new generation of stunning natural pond pools.

DIY eco-friendly pools

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Natural pools are a wonderful way to add an aquatic attraction to your garden without the huge environmental impact that a traditional swimming pool creates. Say goodbye to all that harmful chemical water and wasted energy for cleaning, heating and filtering your pool and say hello to a clean, natural pool.

Eco-friendly natural swimming pools

Picture by Water House Pools

Natural pools consist of a swimming area and a regeneration area. The regeneration area consists of filtration in the form of sand and stones and water plants. These plants absorb impurities from the water and clean it the natural way. Plants also prevent the formation of algae.

Natural pond pools

Picture by Water House Pools

You will also be creating a natural oasis for local wildlife such as dragonflies which will keep mosquitoes in check. You still need a pump, but you can use a solar-powered one for complete off-grid pools.

eco-friendly pond pools

Picture by Bio-Top

No need to cover your pool in the winter; just convert it into a natural ice rink!

environmentally friendly swimming pools

Picture by Bio-Top

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