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Building Hacks that Make your Tiny House Feel Bigger

Tiny houses tick all the right boxes; they are sustainable and versatile, they are portable and functional and (perhaps most importantly) they allow you to own a home without shackling yourself to a mortgage for the next twenty years.

Double Glazing

Adding windows on both sides of the living space will give occupants expansive views and the feeling of endless space. If you have concerns about heating, triple-glazed windows will offer an R-value that will help you to retain heat while offering great views.

Tiny house tips

Tiny House prefab

Bed Head

Your double bed uses a bunch of valuable real estate. The best option is to hide it so that it is accessible, but out of the way. Here is a clever solution by Anna White that utilizes a simple elevator mechanism to move the bed up and out of the way to create space for the living room. Simply lower the bed when you are ready to hit the hay.

Tiny house building tips

Another option is a slide-out bed that can be hidden under the kitchen or living room area. Check out this nifty bed from Minim Micro Homes.

Tiny house building tips

tiny home building tips

Duel-purpose Murphy beds fold out when it’s bedtime, and can be conveniently stored while making space for a kitchenette.

Tiny house building tips

Ditch the Doors

Doors that open and close require a lot of space. Instead, try placing your door on a sliding barn-door rail so that it takes up less space.

tiny house ideas

You can also consider installing a pocket door that slides effortlessly into a wall.

tiny house building ideas

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