Crocodile Night Diving – Feel The Adrenaline!

Just the mention of crocodiles will send shivers down your spine, so imagine what it’s like to dive with them—at night! These large predatory reptiles with powerful jaws live in the salt waters of Tulum, Mexico. For those few brave souls who dare, a unique diving adventure watching them in their natural habitat with Koox Diving.

Don’t worry, they are trained professionals, so you are perfectly safe and they are an ethical tour operator so you won’t be damaging the environment or these magnificent denizens of the deep.

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Night Diving in Mexico

Crocodile night diving in Mexico is a unique experience that really isn’t as frightening as it sounds. You can observe these predators in their natural surroundings without feeding or baiting them. This renowned top diving destination is perfect for finding crocodiles that grow up to two meters long, but don’t pose any threat to you whilst you’re in the water.

Tours are always conducted by highly trained and fully qualified dive masters. You’ll get a close up and personal face-to-face experience – and you’ll be able to take photos to remind you of the memories of your near death encounter!


Crocodile Night Diving – Feel the Adrenaline!

You’ll need to prepare for your crocodile night diving experience – spending the morning diving in cenotes with your guides, and packing all the right equipment, alongside your freshly filled oxygen tanks. Your nerves will start to kick in as you drive towards the reserve and the daylight fades.

As you get into the lake you’ll try to spot a crocodile on the surface. Your crocodile experts will know where they usually feed and hopefully it won’t be on you! Using a torch you’ll catch the light in their eyes before diving to see them from below.

It can be really cold on the dive so additional layers will help protect from the low temperatures. A racing heart and sweaty palms are all par for the course. As soon as a set of eyes are reflected in the light of the torch you’ll quickly descend into the depths, following the mangroves looking for lurking crocodiles.

The crocodiles are busy eating frogs, fish, and other smaller animals and you really won’t be on the menu!

Seeing crocodiles like this is really special as night dives are truly fascinating with the crocodiles literally being just a few feet away. The dive is completely safe as you’ll be in the company of a crocodile guide, a diver, and a kayak assistant.

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Jesus is a Tulum local and one of the founders of Koox Diving. He is helping to discover and map several cenotes in Mexico with his dive exploring skills. When he’s not diving he spends all his free time with his two lovely children. His other passion is surfing – he’s the co-founder of the first true wood surfboards named XookBoards. If you can’t find him at home he’ll be on a wave somewhere!


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