Free DIY Shipping Pallet Chair Plans

A friend in need is a friend indeed, but a friend who builds is better! So what do you get when you throw two architects and an eco-builder together? Awesome Adirondack chairs made from shipping pallets. You can make them too with a few tools, a couple of screws and a couple of shipping pallets.

Choosing your Wooden Pallets

This really depends on how nice you want the chair to be. You can get cheap (or sometimes free) pallets made from low-grade pine. These are perfectly fine, but don’t last as long and can be full of splinters. Hardwood pallets cost a little more, but they are totally worth it. You will need two pallets for each chair.

Step One

Pallets are made up of stringers and slats. There are three stringers on each pallet. Make a cut just to the right of the middle pallet along the slats. This should leave you with a section that is around 20” wide and around 38-40” long. Pallets aren’t made to exacting standards and vary from one manufacturer to another, so you’ll have to give your OCD the boot and wing it.

Now cut the section so that you have a seat which is about 18” and a backrest of about 22”. Cut this at a 70° angle so that you have a comfortable slant on the backrest. Screw the back of the chair into the seat.

Step Two

Dismantle the second pallet. Lay two stringers on either side of the seat stringers and screw in place. Use screws rather than nails as this will provide added strength. Use one of the planks to join the two stringers together at the back of the legs as indicated in the picture.

DIY Wooden Pallet Chair plans

Step Three

Use the two remaining stringers from both pallets to cut the front legs. Use about a 45° cut for comfort. Screw them onto the front of the seat. Use two strut planks to attach the front legs to the chair back.

Be sure to sand all edges to prevent splinters. You can paint or treat the wood to ensure that the chairs last longer.

Now sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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Wooden Pallet Chair Plans Free


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