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Dreamy Modern Yurt in Oregon

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After three years on the road in their camper van Zach Both and his girlfriend Nicole Lopez, decided to settle in this beautiful yurt 20 minutes from Portland, Oregon.

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“It’s been incredible to adapt a structure with a history that stretches back thousands of years,” said Zach. “It was our attempt at building a modern yurt for the 21st century.” Yurt 7

The yurt boasts 930 square feet of beautiful, light space. Zach and Nicole built the yurt themselves and are sharing their experiences on their new site This informative site provides prospective yurt dwellers with everything they need to know and step-by-step construction instructions so you can build your own yurt!

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Zach and Nicole bought the Eagle yurt from Rainier Outdoor and added a bedroom loft for an extra 200 square feet of space. The best feature of the bedroom loft is the built-in garden boxes filled with luscious greenery.

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It’s not only the bedroom that’s green as the yurt is equipped with a composting toilet and is heated by a wood-burning stove.

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