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Feng Shui for the Broke and Lazy

You need to revamp your space so the energy flows through it more effectively to mitigate the miasma of laziness and lack of money that pervades every cobwebbed nook and dust bunnied cranny of your lovely home. Trouble is; you are too broke to afford a ritzy Hollywood Feng Shui consultant or too lazy to learn the intensely complex art—it’s a pretty vicious circle. Well, don’t worry! We are here to give you some DIY feng shui crib notes to balance the energy in your room and to get those juices (and cash) flowing.

Beefing up the boudoir

Bedrooms should be for resting and romance; so ditch the TVs, the laptops and anything else that distracts from the tasks at hand. Use soft materials and soothing colors to make your room peaceful and serene.

Mirror, mirror by the door

Never hang a mirror facing an open door (especially your front door) as this will reflect all energy back out. Instead, hang it next to the door so you can still give yourself a quick once-over as you leave.

Broken things keep you broke

If something is broken; either fit it or throw it out. Holding on to broken things prevents money and positive energy from flowing freely through your home.

Clean your clutter

A messy house leaves you feeling drained and restless. Try to de-clutter by clearing counter surfaces and packing things in cupboards (less to dust!) This will allow energy to flow through your home freely.

Floral friends

Fill your home with plants. They help to freshen your indoor air, they relieve stress, lower blood pressure and help you feel more serene. They are preferable to cut flowers as they are in the process of living and growing.

A feng shui expert once advised me to have a living thing in each room. Living in the city, I have a room which get too little light for plants, so I put a fish tank in it.

Paint the front door

The direction that your front door faces will determine the dominant element near the entrance. Working to balance your elements can help to draw good energy over the threshold.

If your front door faces:

South: Fire is your bag baby. Go for warm colors like red or orange to get that good juju flowing.

North: Metal/Water are your friends. Opt for cooler colors like blue, black, white and grey.

East: Wood/Water are your elements so try natural colors like green or brown, blue or black, yellow or other earthy tones.

West: Metal/Earth are strong influences here so paint your door white, gray, light yellow, or earth tones

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3 thoughts on “Feng Shui for the Broke and Lazy

  1. Sameer

    My front door faces north and the door is colored orangish brown but as it is rented home, our owner don’t allow the change of paint. so can I put black and white curtains there? I mean any cool color curtain inside front door to balance the energy?

  2. Hema Haridas

    I am a talented person , designing textiles .. my work is immensely appreciated.. yet I don’t work consistently….I procrastinate &. feel lazy ..,don’t execute orders on time …Please help me with feng shui to snap out of this bad situation ….

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