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Foods The Relieve Lower Back Pain

Taking medication for ongoing backpain can cause unwanted side effects. Most lower back pain is the result of inflammation and some simple changes to your diet can help to reduce the inflammation that causes back pain. Anti-inflammatory diets include kale, turmeric, red grapes, olive oil, ginger, and salmon.

Red Grapes

Red grapes (not green grapes) contain a compound known as resveratrol useful reducing back pain. The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) says, “This deeply hued fruit contains resveratrol, a powerful compound that blocks the enzymes that contribute to tissue degeneration.”

Olive Oil

Using olive oil when cooking or taking it orally can help treat your back pain. Just like the red grapes, olive oil, anti-inflammatory compounds. The antioxidants found in this oil helps provide relief from lower back pain.

The Texas Spine Clinic claims extra virgin olive oil contains oleocanthal, an anti-inflammatory that can help to reduce lower back pain.


Kale is a good source of calcium which helps support good bone health. Kale helps you to reach your daily calcium intake to ensure a healthy spine.

Kale is easy to add to just about any meal. Eat it as is in salads or add it to stews, soups and stir fry.


Turmeric has gained popularity all over the world. Why? The high anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of turmeric are unbeatable. Aim at getting a gram of turmeric a day is enough. Turmeric is not bioavailable i.e. it passes through your system far too quickly to be absorbed. Adding black pepper or cayenne pepper to your turmeric dish will boost your absorption by 2000%.


Ginger is related to turmeric and offers a plethora of health benefits to users. Studies show that it reduces pain associated with muscle strain. If you have strained your back, then ginger can help to reduce your muscle pain.

Ginger is also an exceptional anti-inflammatory and can help relieve pain associated with inflammation in the back, knees, shoulders and elbows.


Salmon is high in omega-3 fatty acids which help to reduce inflammation in the body. Most back pain and major diseases result in inflammation and adding salmon to your daily diet can help to reduce pain. Omega-3 also helps to reduce the symptoms of osteoarthritis.


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