Freak of Nature Thursdays: Miniature Goats

Green living: Miniature goats make for great pets and green lawnmowers!

Miniature goats! I want TEN! They’re the best little pets you can ask for. Here’s a description from Tanglewood Farm:

“Miniature Goats are very affectionate and love to be talked to, rubbed and brushed. They are very intelligent and easily learn to walk on a leash, can be housebroken, and can be taught tricks (TRICKS!!!) Miniature Goats require little feed, can be kept in a small yard and do not require fancy housing. They make wonderful pets and are great lawn mowers and weed eaters!

Miniature Goats are members of the Caprine family. They are ruminants which means they are cud-chewing animals… Miniature Goats live up to 15 years.”

There’s tons you can do with your miniature goat herd. You can dress them up… (so much better than sheep in jerseys!)

Goats in jerseys courtesy of Huffington Post

Green living: Goats in jerseys courtesy of Huffington Post

Feeling down? Get an instant attitude adjustment with a mini goat herd…

Green living: Courtesy of the Miniature Dairy Goat Association

Still not convinced? (are you sure you read the bit about them being house trained?) Then here’s some videos of miniature goats to push you over the edge.

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