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Freaks of Nature Thursdays: Crazy Caterpillars

Moths may not be as colorful or revered as their butterfly cousins, but they sure make up for it in their caterpillar stage. Check out today’s featured creatures for the fuzziest, cutest caterpillars in the world!

Green living: Fire

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All across Europe and south to Morocco, the Sycamore Moth Caterpillar blazes a trail. These feisty little fellows turn into a rather bland grey moth.

Green living: Dagger moth

image credit: Richard Dudley

The Dagger Moth Caterpillar is native to North America and is covered with yellow setae which can break off and become lodged in human skin and cause a rash.

Green living Flannel Moth

image credit: Artour A.

Flannel Moth Caterpillars may seem cute and furry, but they have venomous spines that cause painful stings and result in headaches, nausea and inflammation.


Green living Saturnia

image credit: Jano de Cesare

This radiant creature is the  Saturnia Pyri Caterpillar which calls southern France and Italy home and grows up to be the Giant Peacock Moth.


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