dorcy 41-0902 ZX review

Green Gear Review: Dorcy Flashlights

When it comes to picking out flashlights a few aspects come to find that need to fit the bill in order for me to shell out some cash: environmental impact, build quality, brightness, battery longevity, quality of light, battery type, comfort, flexibility of light/beam and perhaps some extra fun features I am not even aware of.

I don’t have a problem spending money on a light that I know is good quality and will last a long time, perform perfectly etc etc, but such a light would really need to check ALL the boxes. Most of these I am referring to use odd, high capacity types of batteries; this annoys me.

If I’m not in the parking lot of my local specialty battery store when I reach for my light, only to find the battery has died, what good is a $150 flash light?  Thus, I have ruled these out as being ‘less-than-practical’. I narrowed my search to lights using conventional batteries that are eco-friendly. LED technology has done some serious evolving recently in terms of lumen output as well as power draw, so anything but this bulb type has also been ruled out.

dorcy XZ series reviewThen I got my paws on a Dorcy 41-0902 ZX Series flashlight. It has a nice feel in the hand, uses 3 AA batteries housed in the handle in a triangular formation, meaning that the handle has a nice amount of girth to it; not too dinky this Dorcy. Fire it up by pressing the rubber button on the rear end and the single CREE LED throws out a surprisingly piercing, uniform circle of light. I was impressed.

Then I dropped it, by ‘accident’. The thud the all-aluminium body made when it hit my hardwood floor left a nice little ding. In the floor, not the light. Note to self: don’t do that again. Picked it up, and it continued shining like a crazy diamond.

What’s that in the distance? Push out the bezel and the perfect circle of uniform light narrows to a finer beam. It’s a bear! Greaaaaat.

A few soft touches of the ‘on’ button toggles the light dimmer, to a rave-like strobe light (I can actually see this coming in handy on some future camping trips), SOS strobe and back again…FUN!

Make them more eco-friendly by using rechargeable batteries.

Basically, this thing has all the features I need, and it feels, looks and actually is really well thought out and built. I’ve been using it regularly (I live in the woods) for a couple months and can honestly say its my favorite so far, and I’m a gadget person, I’ve tried LOTS of others. This is the one I keep at the ready. And for around 50 bucks you owe it to yourself to light up your life a little better.

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