Hilariously Nutty Squirrel Feeders

The Squirrel Whisperer investigates ways to have fun with squirrels this fall
There are few inevitabilities in life; death, taxes and squirrels, but the greatest of these, are squirrels. Whether you are the kind of person that feeds the little critters your prize peanuts and delights at their raiding your freshly planted bulbs, or if you think of them as rats with fancy tails, you can all delight in the presence of squirrels this fall with these amazing squirrel feeders. If you must have squirrels, at least make them a positive source of entertainment.

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Big Head Squirrel Feeder
Harmless for the squirrels, but tons of fun for you, simply fill the giant squirrel head with food and then delight in the spectacle of squirrels feeding.

Green home alligator

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Alligator head squirrel feeder
This cedar alligator provides a tasty treat to the squirrel that is unlikely to recognize the impending danger. This may be a cruel trick to play on squirrels that live in alligator country.

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A carousel of squirrels

The squirrel-go-round requires some pretty fancy footwork from squirrels that need to dance for their dinner. Attach corn or carrots to the end of the spikes and then sit back and watch.

You can watch a video of the squirrel-go-round in action here

The ultimate Circ de soleil Squirrels
Here we make use of the squirrel’s natural abilities to provide entertainment. Squirrels are accustomed to problem solving in order to get to food after years of raiding your bird feeders. This means you can construct an obstacle course for them to make their way through in order to get their peanutty rewards.
This video is one of the most amazing things the Squirrel Whisperer has ever seen. Is the veritable holy grail of squirrel feeders!

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3 thoughts on “Hilariously Nutty Squirrel Feeders

  1. Shaun

    I love it, wish we had squirrels. My favourite would be the carousel but the giant head is pretty amusing

    1. Nikki Fotheringham Post author

      I want to get them all for my yard! You could try it with monkeys too I’m sure!

  2. Brent

    Hey, Nikki,
    It’s really a small world… I Googled “fun squirrel feeders” just now, and found your “Squirrel Go Round” video… I “filmed” it in my back yard in Austin & posted it on YouTube!
    Thanks for sharing it,

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