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How Cannabis can Help With your Workout

The stoner culture has painted a limited view of the marijuana user as an unmotivated couch potato with a serious addiction to junk food. And for many users, that has been a pretty accurate portrayal. Legalization of cannabis has opened it up to study and what we are learning is that cannabis strains are as varied as the day is long.

That means you can find a strain that helps augment physical activity, strains that improve concentration and even strains that boost your higher cognitive functioning. Marijuana has applications as a recreational drug, as a medicinal drug and as a supplement to help you function more effectively in your daily life. For more information, see Vitaleaf Naturals.

To perform at peak you need healthy food (like organic sprouted flour) and plenty of water. Taking care of your body post workout will mean you are ready to push yourself just as hard tomorrow.

There are several ways in which cannabis can help you before, during and after your workout. The cannabis plant comes in two major families—sativas and indicas. Sativas are great strains to get you going and provide the motivation you need prior to a workout. They help to focus the mind for those who need to concentrate during workouts. A Harvard study showed that cannabis can actually help to improve cognitive functioning.

After your workout, indica strains can help you to relax and ensure you have a good night’s sleep—essential for that post-workout rejuvenation of the muscles and tissues. CBT—a cannabinoid in marijuana which does not make you high—contains a number of medicinal properties that reduce inflammation, reduce stress and anxiety and have endocrine harmonizing benefits that help athletes perform at their peak. CBD is available in topical creams, sprays and roll-ons to target sensitive areas.

Studies show cannabis is a wonderful anti-inflammatory which can help reduce joint and muscle pain associated with workouts.

THC—the cannabinoid that provides you with the ‘high’ feeling—is a wonderful pain reliever. Using THC to overcome the pain associated with workouts or injuries is healthier and has less impact on the body than narcotics do. And you don’t need to smoke to consume it either; brands like Crescent 9 now produce conveniently canned drinks that taste as good as your regular soda.


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