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How to Turn your White Christmas Green

‘Tis the time of year when we are thinking about trimming the tree and decking the halls with, well whatever grabs your fancy. But instead of cluttering the house (and dropping a lot of cash in the process) with over-the-top Christmas decorations, why not celebrate the holiday in a more basic, elegant yet eco-friendly manner? Here are some points to consider:

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Less is more

While everyone else is spending, think about how to save money and the planet (note: less spent on decorating means more money for ‘green’ gifts). Home-crafted decorations like boughs in vases, recycled ornaments displayed in stylish containers and a simple string of lights (or anything else) are but a few ways to add a touch of festivity without being garish.


Go natural

With so many environmentally conscious methods to decorate, you can now savor the festive season and feel good about doing so. Christmas trees alone, can be made from just about anything these days including cardboard cut-outs, a sturdy twig to hold some trinkets, or even stacked old shoe boxes in the shape of a tree. The more inspired and the more original, the better!

Make your own DIY Christmas trees from recycled items. See our post for 18 different ideas here.

DIY Christmas decorations

 Add impact

Instead of filling every nook and cranny with adornments, review the places where things will be seen from as many angles as possible, thus standing out as much as possible. A seasonal vignette by the front door to greet visitors is a welcome way to start their stay. But don’t be limited to the entrance hall, any room, even the bathroom can benefit from a hint of the holidays. Most importantly though, wherever you’re celebrating, make your space cheerful, bright and enjoy the creative time devoted together with loved ones.


At the early age of 12, Peter designed his own bedroom to rave reviews and subsequently cultivated his passion for design. A graduate from the New York School of Interior Design, Peter has lived in Amsterdam, London, New York and more recently in Toronto where he founded Oudejans Interiors in 2010. Greatly influenced by his time abroad, Peter infuses a modern, European flare in his work, making an environment feel enduring, stylish and elegant, while ensuring functionality. He works closely with clients, tailoring their space to reflect their personality and lifestyle. Check out his website at

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