Klean Kanteen Vacuum Insulated Tumbler Gear Review

This blog post could be called: “The Best Darn Travel Mug This Dirty Gourmet Has Ever Had,” Klean Kanteenwithout a massive stretch of the imagination. Whenever I get travel mugs or things of that ilk to test, I breathe a little sigh. You see, we’re pretty hard on our gear and we put things through their paces before we let on that we like them.

That’s why there are, to date, no camping flasks or travel mugs featured on our blog. We start out all excited, marveling at their beauty with warm fuzzy visions of hot coffees out on the lake, or stopping for a hot chocolate on a long winter hike. But before long, they’re dribbling your favorite beverages all over your gear.

Well, we’ve had our Klean Kanteen Vacuum Insulated Tumbler for two months now and it’s a huge hit. In fact, here in the office, people are starting to volunteer to do coffee runs just so they get the Klean Kanteen refill. Its great for the environment, it keeps your drinks warm (or cold) and we love it!

The Klean Kanteen Vacuum Insulated Tumbler is our editor’s choice for March.

The Stats

Made from durable \stainless steel, the 16oz Tumbler is designed to last and travel safely where glass can’t go. Double-wall vacuum insulation and electropolished stainless steel don’t impart or retain flavors.



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