9 Vegetables, Fruit and Herbs you Should Never Buy Again

Do you love the idea of harvesting fresh herbs, fruit and vegetables right in your own green home? Here are foods that you can buy once and then regrow forever.

An interior designer friend once told me that you should have a living thing in every room and I have endeavored to fill my home with living plants, many of which are edible. Plants not only help to reduce stress, elevate mood and reduce blood pressure, they are also invaluable in keeping your indoor air clean. So go out to your local organic market and get yourself these herbs, fruits and veggies; it will be the last time you do!

Green Onions

DIY green home

You can just pop the white ends of the green onions in a glass or vase filled with water and chop the tops off whenever you need them; they will grow back. You can plant them for even faster regrowth.

Leeks from Enchanted Wellness and Fitness

green living leeks

These work in the same way as green onions. Just chop off the green leaves and place the fleshy white bottoms in water or plant them in soil.

Regrow Bok Choy from 17 Apart

organic veggies growing bok choy

You know how you cut the bottom of the bok choy off anyway? Well, if you pop that sucker into a bowl of warm water (the water should just cover the bottom) and leave it in a place with good light, it will soon reward your kindness with a brand new leafy bok choy.

Regrow Celery from Enchanted Wellness and Fitness

green blog: regrowing veggies

Chop the bottom off the celery and pop it into a bowl of warm water (the water should just cover the bottom of the plant) and then leave it in a sunny spot and watch your celery grow.

Regrow Lettuce

After the celery and the bok choy, you know the drill! Just chop off the bottom of the organic lettuce, place it in a bowl with a little water and leave it in a sunny spot.

Regrowing Pineapples with 17 Apart

grow your own pineapples

This is a long-term commitment, but watching your pineapple grow and fruit will be a very rewarding experience. Start by breaking the top off your pineapple and trimming the bottom leaves off to expose the base. Slice a bit off the bottom of the base. Now stick 4 toothpicks around the edge of the base and suspend the pineapple top in a glass of water so that only the base is submerged. Once the small white roots appear, plant your pineapple in a small to medium planter.

Regrow Lemons with Growing Wild

green home growing lemon trees


Lemon trees are awesome indoor plants and are easy as pie to grow. Just get an organic lemon and choose a couple of seeds. Don’t let them dry out! Just pop them out of the lemon and about 1/2″ below the surface of the soil in your planter. Then water regularly and wait for your own little lemon tree to sprout.

Regrow Ginger with Growing Herbs for Beginners

grow ginger indoors

Look for a ginger root with a small green nub. Plant it in a planter with the small green nub facing upwards and near the surface of the soil. Water, sunshine and love will see your ginger sprout in no time. Note: always use organic ginger as non-organic roots are treated with growth inhibitors. If you can’t see any green nubs, place your ginger root in a warm, dark place and in a couple of days it will start to sprout on its own.

Regrow Basil with a Blossoming Life

green living grow basil

Look through your bunch of basil for a long stem with more than six leaves on it and cut it off with a scissors. Remove the top two and bottom two leaves and place the stem in a glass of water. Roots will appear within a week and before long, you can replant your basil and reap the rewards.

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Nikki is an author and writer specializing in green living ideas and tips, adventure travel, upcycling, and all things eco-friendly. She's traveled the globe, swum with sharks and been bitten by a lion (fact). She lives in a tiny town with a fat cat and a very bad dog.

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7 thoughts on “9 Vegetables, Fruit and Herbs you Should Never Buy Again

  1. Meredith

    Thanks for the inspiration! I plan on doing most of these with Lulu, who is almost 2. We set up the green onions this weekend and she wants to check them on the window sill every 5 minutes to see if they have grown more – she was astounded by how much they grew over night! Brilliant, simple and experiential!

    Thank you!

  2. Michael

    I’m curious about the nutritional value of the subsequent crops. Would having it just in water yield the same nutritional benefit? I would guess that planting in rich organic soil will yield a more optimal result.

    1. Nikki Fotheringham Post author

      A very astute question Micheal. If you are concerned about this, add some water from your fish tank or a little plant food to increase the nutrient content. Fish water makes an excellent nutrient-rich additive to plants.


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