GM Tiny House Interior Lighting

Testing the lighting in our tiny house

The Greenmoxie tiny house is very close to being complete. The electrics in our tiny house operate entirely (mostly) on DC power. So we installed low voltage LED lights throughout the house, which were pretty expensive, even with the government incentives. We used 35W equivalent MR16 bulbs which put out 400 lumens of light and only use 7 watts of power each.

You can see the light is reasonably soft and gently absorbed by the beautiful reclaimed barn wood used in the ceilings and the bathroom sliding door. All of the lights are on dimmers so the lighting can be fully controlled, with the exception of the outdoor lights.

Have a look at the results:

GM Tiny House Exterior Lighting

TAs you can see the exterior lights are not fully installed, but provide ample light.


Ian sourced these aluminum fixtures so we could install the lights into the reclaimed barn wood and still have control over light direction.

GM Tiny House Interior Lighting

Straight shot from the front door. Love it!

GM Tiny House Kitchen Lighting1

Can you guess what the 2 white dials are above the light switches?

GM Tiny House Kitchen Lighting2

Love the sliding barn door for the bathroom.

GM Tiny House lighting in the loft

Lighting in the loft.

GM Tiny House Shower Lighting

Check out the flush mounted rainfall shower head.

GM Tiny House living room lighting

The 2 black dots on either side of the door are integrated speakers connected to a car amp and stereo with an adaptor to connect to your smart phone for tunes.


I am the Tiny House instigator. Co-Founder of Greenmoxie and an obsessive entrepreneur, with interests in sustainability, the great outdoors, motorcycles, and carpentry.

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4 thoughts on “Testing the lighting in our tiny house

  1. Lea Schaumburg

    are you selling your Green Moxie? it is very cool. I want a tiny house that has two floors. I am only 5’3″ and want a ceiling of 6″ and the top floor for sewing. Your house is just what I had in mind but with a second floor. Totally off grid.

    1. David Shephard Post author

      Hi Rick, We don’t have plans available yet but it’s something we are thinking about for the new year.

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